My Macaframa exists in two builds – a relaxed fixed gear road setup, and a no holds barred track setup. Neither are particularly subtle, and the latter required an extra piece of flash.
Enter harlequin handlebar taping.

It took several attempts to get started on a way that looked like it was going to work. 

Left the drops a single color, as it became more difficult to bring the diamond pattern around the bend at the drop. One drop was left white, one was left white.

Finished the middle with hemp twine. 

The Rivendell bike website has good information about the processes of twine finishing bar wrap as well as harlequin wrapping. 

The tape and twine were both coated several times with shellac to waterproof and make more permanent. 

This bike really is a striking bike setup like this. One day a rear wheel will be added to match the deep front.
Additionally, a new Cane Creek headset has been obtained, as well as a second crown race. This will allow a lower front end in track guise, as well easier fork changes .