I have, exactly what it sounds like, a custom belt drive singlespeed Cannondale SuperSix EVO. It’s pretty sweet.

I had an extra bonus frame, for reasons. It was jokingly suggested that I make it belt drive. I made it so. I called up Joey@ The Frame Doctor near Orlando, FL. I think it took some convincing, but after swearing I’d sign every waiver he had, and maybe even some new ones, he agreed to do the work on the frame.

Near as I can tell, he fabricated a couple of aluminium inserts, and bonded them into the tubes, and made it look insanely pretty.


A large number of people I show the bike to don’t even notice the modification to the frame when it is all back together.

The build was fairly straightforward, a Wheels MFG eccentric bottom bracket for belt tension, a 70t chainring from Gates, and a 24t 9-spline cog (to fit on any Sram/Shimano freehub body) from Gates. The ratio works out to around a 2.9 ratio, which is fantastic for singlespeedin’ in FL, and has the added bonus of a 70t chainring in the front.

Wound up eventually moving Sram Red22 cranks, DA7970 levers, Thomson KFC bars, Cannondale C1 stem with Toronto Cycles Ti hardware, a WOOdman SL Plus seatpost, Fabric Scoop Pro saddle, Control Tech Race Light Skewers, Latex Tubes, KCNC CB9 brakes, and Alligator iLink housing to finish of the lightweight nature of the build. It currently weighs in at 5.87kg, which is about 12.9lbs, for you non-metric heathen out there.

The Ride

This bike is absolutely insane. It has still maintained the traditional ride characteristics of a SuperSix Evo, that is to say, insanely quick feeling, telepathic handling, and smooth over bumps. That said, it does all this in complete silence.
It’s geared high, that’s obvious. With a cadence of 90rpm, you’ll be going 21mph, so you better be ready for it. When you jump on the pedals, this thing goes.
The silence is fantastic. Nothing like jumping on someone’s wheel as they attack, with them none the wiser since they can’t hear a noise from your bike at all.

More information about the bike, and its evolution and build can be found on its Paceline forum thread, which has an alarming number of views.